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I feel sorry for the 16-year-old girls who chose to see “The Words” that weekend back in 2012 when “House at the End of the Street” was sold out. (“Let’s just see that thing with Bradley Cooper. OMG! He’s so gorgeous!”) Figuring out this film is a lot harder than any of the politically correct cryptofiction they’re force fed in their high school American lit classes. Hard, but good. It’s a story about a storyteller telling a story about a story. At the end, the movie gives you the finger and sends you off to figure it out for yourself.

Just in case you were wondering, if a Colombian drug lord kills your hitman father and the rest of your family, seeking revenge by becoming a Latina-ninja serial killer who only kills “bad” people won’t heal the hole in your heart. Just in case you were wondering. Being a spectator to such methodically planned out carnage can be quite interesting, however. “Colombiana” (2011) is an inexplicably over-the-top, exciting, dark, oddly satisfying examination in payback. It’s like “Man on Fire” and “Dexter” had a sloppy one-night stand and then either “Dexter” or “Man on Fire” took drugs while they were pregnant.