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Woody Allen is the writer/director/star of “The Mighty Aphrodite” (1995), which means it’s basically 95 minutes of him talking and talking and talking. And there’s a Greek chorus, which probably sounded better in theory than it ended up on screen. The movie did win an Oscar. More specifically, Mira Sorvino won an Oscar for best supporting actress. She plays a B-list porn actress who is the father to Woody’s adopted son (don’t ask). I watched a godawful bootleg of this film on a weeknight after I had been out drinking. I wish I could have seen Ms. Sorvino more clearly.

If you’re under a lot of stress and looking for a movie that will take your cares away for a bit, don’t watch “Blue Jasmine” (2013). Not that it’s a bad movie. Cate Blanchett gets amazingly lost in the role of a Manhattan socialite who gets amazingly lost in her Madoffeqsue husband’s fall from grace. You feel the walls close in on her. But, maybe, close in on you, too. (Note: Half the film takes place in San Francisco, but all the San Franciscans sound as though they’ve never stepped off Staten Island. You’ll have to ignore that little detail.)