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Most horror flicks live in the tight confines of a long night, or 24 hours, or a weekend. There’s significant passage of time in “Gone in the Night” (2022), which is both interesting and annoying. Interesting, because it hints there might be an actual story beyond the gory instant gratification of typical horror. Annoying because we keep jumping between the present and flashbacks, which is cliche camouflage that the actual story sucks. Middle-aged Winona Ryder, confronted with her mousy, mediocre existence and a twisted alternative, must find a solution to the ultimate dilemma. We’re left wondering, and rolling our eyes.

A feral Winona Ryder tries to look pretty in pink in “Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael” (1990), an off-brand attempt at Hughesian teen romance. A small Midwestern town is abuzz that a now-famous former denizen is returning for a celebration. Once a quirky teen, Roxy becomes a beacon to Winona, the current high school outcast. Between setup and payoff, however, there are multiple cringey subplots involving a selfish mom, Roxy’s former boyfriend (who should be diagnosed with PTSD), a guidance counselor burning the inappropriate relationship candle at both ends, and petty townies who simultaneously build Roxy up and tear her down.