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It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised when a movie takes the crime/mob/caper/procedural formula to another level. “The Boondock Saints” (1999) is a big, blood-splattered, hilarious Boston-Irish mess, with a dash of Willem Dafoe weirdness. One example: Irish twins bickering and f-bombing each other in an air duct above a Russian mobster’s lair just before the roof caves in and the twins go all Tarantino on everyone. Another: FBI agent Dafoe puts the homo in homicide while doing a “House” impersonation as he explains a double killing to doofus Boston detectives. Maybe you had to be there. I was. I laughed.

We all have a family member who starts describing a movie and then says, “it would have been good if they hadn’t gotten all political.” Well, that person would not like “The Walker,” a 2007 movie that will also bother people who don’t like to see men kissing. Woody Harrelson does a good job playing a gay southern bon vivant caught up in a murder investigation that has more to do with Washington maneuvering than figuring out whodunit. The murder plot is fairly interesting. Lauren Bacall plays a socialite and must have been the most smoking hot 84-year-old in history.