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When I remember “Remember the Titans” (2000), I remember it as being a lot better than it actually is. I gloss over the “based on a true story” bending of actual events into outright falsehoods, the Disneyfied melodrama, the insertion of musical scenes to help the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack sell better, and the general sports movie, big-game, big-speech schmaltziness. Yet the story of a Virginia high school overcoming an integration controversy to win a state football championship with a black head coach is still interesting enough to overcome the Hollywood treatment. Plus, it’s just fun watching Denzel be Denzel.

When Catherine Zeta-Jones does these double-cross movies, I always get confused by the plot. (So maybe my mind drifts a little as I gaze at her. Sue me.) Anyway, she’s not the only gorgeous thing in “Entrapment” (1999). There’s Sean Connery, as a cat burglar extraordinaire. And there’s Will Patton’s copstache, which carries more testosterone than an entire GNC store. OK, OK, the plot: she’s planning multiple capers and double-crossing the insurance company she works for, and maybe the FBI, and maybe Connery. And Ving Rhames is double-crossing people, too, but I can’t tell who the hell he works for.