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There’s something about Richard Farnsworth’s manner that lowers one’s blood pressure significantly. Does it make his films boring? That’s a matter of taste. A longtime Hollywood stuntman, Farnsworth slowly built an acting career, mostly through Westerns, until solidifying his brief stardom with the 1982 Canadian classic, “The Grey Fox.” Based on a turn-of-the-century true story, he plays an aging, post-prison gentleman bandit who takes up train robbery as his new vocation. Farnsworth’s expressive eyes and willing silence are perfect to play a smooth criminal clinging to his identity while making sense of changing times. You’ll gladly hand over your loot.

To watch Clint Eastwood’s compromised gait in “Cry Macho” (2021) is to witness a man walk with one foot in the grave. But as the film’s theme song (which will undoubtedly be played at the Academy Awards) says, it’s never too late to find a new home. New homes, second chances – redemption – are the ideas that drive this film as director/star Eastwood heads to Mexico and back on a mission to deliver a son to his father (a Texas rancher played by Dwight Yoakum). Midway through, we can see the ending we desire, but will Clint let us have it?

Ever watch a thinly written, boring Western and feel like you’re watching a longish episode of a low-rated, late-1970s TV show instead of a 2021 movie? If you desire that feeling, spend some time with “Catch the Bullet.” A bank robber with a score to settle kidnaps the son of a legendary marshal and sets out for the badlands. Put-your-eye-out hijinks ensue. The entire no-name cast (except for Tom Skerritt) is in Energy Saver mode as they ride horses and/or walk and/or have boring conversations, or a combination of thereof. For variety, there’s cutaways to long shots of boring landscape.