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When you bring home a war movie that stars a professional wrestler, you’re prepared to watch a meathead special. Not so with “The Wall” (2017). About two minutes in, I got the sense this was going to be some kind of throwback drama, like a teleplay from 50 years ago or a short story from even longer ago. (The fact the wrestler doesn’t have a lot of dialogue helps.) An Army Ranger and an Iraqi jihadist square off physically, technologically and psychologically, but the story could have just as easily been set in World War II or the Civil War.

To call “Battle: Los Angeles” (2011) formulaic would be an insult to Euler, Pythagorus, Heron and Col. Sanders. But what the hell do you want? It’s a war movie! You take the crack military unit loaded with stock characters, throw in some potential leadership tension, put them in a no-win situation, and (Gee whiz! Spoiler alert!) watch them not only survive, but win the war singlehandedly. The only difference in any of these movies since 1940 has been the location. This time Marines are battling an invasion of Santa Monica. Maybe that’s why all the critics got so pissed off.