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I was really, really, really expecting “CHIPS” (2017) to suck, especially when I saw the same person (Dax Shepard) was directing, writing and co-starring (usually a bad sign). However, I was astonished at how fully formed it was. And funny. I mean, it’s overloaded with bro humor (facial-scrotal contact appears to be mandatory in all R-rated comedies these days) but that was to be expected. Still, the dialogue is great, even for secondary characters. Speaking of which, the secondary characters and extras are probably about as diverse a crew as I’ve ever seen in a movie without an ethnic/racial subtext.


“Feeling Minnesota” (1996) is a yucky movie about yucky people doing yucky things. Keanu Reeves, whose flatliner delivery typically doesn’t bother me all that much, sounds like he has brain damage. He and Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays his brother, stagger around like they’re possessed by that alien bug that got inside D’Onofrio in “Men in Black.” Dan Aykroyd, Cameron Diaz and Delroy Lindo appropriately bumble along as equally unlikeable supporting characters. The plot is basically just everyone screwing over each other for money. By the time the climax rolls around, you’d just like to see someone do something competently. Anything.

“Mystic Pizza” (1988) is a nice little teen angst, coming-of-age movie, but there really isn’t anything special about it. The plot’s kind of cookie-cutter. I think its legendary buildup revolves around Julia Roberts. She’s likeable. It was her first big break and I think people make the movie out to be better than it is because of it. I didn’t much like her back in the early 1990s when she was The Most Important Human In The World (kinda like Adele is now). Maybe if I had seen this movie back then I would have liked Roberts more back then.