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Now Morgan Freeman has joined the list of formerly respectable actors who have succumbed to the lure of easy money via straight-to-streaming B movies. There’s a potentially interesting element to “The Ritual Killer” in which an African medicine man is linked to murders on both sides of the Atlantic. But there are confusing time-sequence lapses and a worldwide manhunt becomes a myopic procedural. Why? The story bogs down with boozy Mississippi detective Cole Hauser, his personal baggage subplot and the amateurish and/or clunky performances by pretty much everyone other than Freeman, who plays an African studies professor with a past.

It’s tough when you’re watching a simple-yet-elegant opening credits sequence and you know that’ll be the best part of the movie. But that’s where we are until we finish digesting the massive backlog of Bruce Willis dirty cop flicks. In “Gasoline Alley” (2022), he’s joined by Devon Sawa, who’s possibly being framed for a homicide, and Luke Wilson, punching above this film’s weight as a glib detective who knows who isn’t the murderer but doesn’t know who is. Willis is Wilson’s partner. Sawa turns amateur sleuth in this sloppily constructed police procedural. Kudos to second unit director Robert Laenen, though.