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Remember when we used to debate who was the better Batman? Clooney? Keaton? Ummm, Kilmer? And then, in 2005, came the Dark Knight trilogy, with “Batman Begins.” Bankable, big-name stars can make for good box office, but it’s the story that makes for a great movie. When Christopher Nolan rebooted the Caped Crusader, he made the story less like the cartoonish 1960s TV series and more like the brooding comic books. And he surrounded a relative B-lister, Christian Bale, with stellar cast of character actors. Because if the story’s good enough, Batman is the only bankable big name you need.

“Point Blank” (1998) is a terrible movie (shit… still have 93 words to go). Uh, well, OK, I planned to watch “Point Break,” a bad surfing/crime drama with Val Kilmer, but I mixed up the titles. Instead, I get Mickey Rourke, all roided and botoxed, and a prison break gone wrong. Mickey’s a second-rate Rambo trying to rescue his brother, one of the breakees (“Point Break” might have actually been a good title for this one, too.). Anyway, I got bored and started writing this review. I’ll let you know how it ends if I have any words left (oops).