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What’s not to like about a rom-com structured around an office romance that should have gotten #MeTood before the second script meeting? A rom-com featuring an inept, neurotic millennial and her equally dysfunctional cohorts? Would naming it like it’s a teen slasher movie help? “Can You Keep a Secret?” (2019) sprinted in and out of U.S. theaters in September. Alexandra Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin are easy on the eyes, and there’s plenty of meeting cute (on an airplane!), crossed signals, wacky roommates, passionate speeches and other cliché hijinks. Nonetheless, it’s a story of boss-underling love and that doesn’t work anymore.

Honestly, if you can’t relate to early 1980s culture and/or sports culture and/or college guy culture, you might not get “Everybody Wants Some!!” (2016). But I don’t really give a shit, because I thought it was effing hilarious (I don’t think Richard Linklater gives a shit either, or he wouldn’t have put two – count ’em, two – exclamation points in the title.). All-star freshman baseball recruit arrives in College Town the weekend before classes begin. Hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, wisdom gets handed down so effortlessly, it seems accidental. It takes you to a fascinating place, but perhaps only if you’ve been there before.