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Early in “Apex” (2021), Bruce Willis’ character is described: “He used to be something great. He’s at the end of his rope now.” How cute. I see the filmmakers watching me watching them. Later, there’s a scene with movie references that make me believe they want me to believe they’re not taking this whole “The Most Dangerous Game” plot too seriously. It’s really camouflage for laziness. If you want to watch rich A-holes stalk humans, “The Hunt” is much better. Willis, as the prey here, seems perpetually tired despite his general lack of (acting) effort. Everyone’s dying to kill him.

I thought I’d make the first 2022 film I reviewed a Bruce Willis movie. It’s hard not to. Any film that doesn’t involve comic book characters is a Bruce Willis movie. He made eight in 2021 and had eight more scheduled for 2022, including TWO sequels of one of his 2021 films. Anyway, about “American Siege.” Bruce Willis is an alcoholic sheriff in rural Georgia in the pocket of the local crime boss. A poorly planned revenge scheme leads to a hostage-taking, lots of dead bodies and an incredibly long scene that explains the film’s hot mess of a plot.