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There’s a long history of films that take place in quaint UK or Irish villages full of quirky characters brought together by something that interrupts their otherwise ordinary lives. “Dream Horse” (2021) strides boldly within that lane like an even-money favorite. Based on a true story, Toni Collette plays a Welsh woman who decides on a whim to purchase and breed a racehorse. A syndicate of townsfolk is formed to pay for the upbringing of the resulting foal. Scrappy underdog hijinks ensue. Some of the characters are cliche and some of the drama is melo, but it’ll warm your heart.

A pair of second-rate Chicago lounge singers witness a mob murder and hide out as drag queens in West Hollywood. Hijinks ensue. “Connie and Carla” (2004) is pretty much that simple but it actually isn’t half bad. I always enjoy Nia Vardalos doing her vulnerable, star-crossed thing. A lot of the acting is schticky, but drag queens can get away with it. David Duchovny looks completely uncomfortable throughout as a drag queen’s straight brother (It’s either brilliant acting or a case of “why am I in this movie?”). Unfortunately, the plot completely derails into a sloppy mess of an ending.

“Enough Said” (2013) is a fascinating little movie. It starts out a smartly written romantic comedy that isn’t chatty despite tons of dialogue. It suddenly turns into an episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and gets a little painful to watch (not always for the right reasons) before a satisfying ending. It was so nice to see James Gandolfini play a character that doesn’t have to whack anyone. I’ve always had a crush on Julia Louis-Dreyfus. On TV, she can be kinda schticky. But on the big screen, her nonstop facial expressions are a treat, not a distraction.