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Watching someone slowly die of dementia is not pretty. Spending almost two hours watching Tom Hardy act like he was dying of dementia wasn’t pretty, either. Maybe the makers of “Capone” (2020) had some high-minded artistic vision of taking this larger-than-life gangster and cutting him down to size by showing his final, decrepit days. As he deteriorates, feds and fellow gangsters circle him like vultures. Is it true that he hid some loot? Syphilis-infected and stroke-addled, Capone can’t – or won’t – say. I won’t say Hardy wasn’t challenged in his role, but I can’t say I cared to see the result.

The day I watched “The Revenant” (2015), the heat index in my town was something like 100 million bazillion degrees, so it was kind of nice watching Leonardo DiCaprio freeze his ass off for two and a half hours. That being said, the film is a fascinating, poetic meditation on survival, suffering and revenge in the Old West. It’s also kind of gross, what with animals (and/or people) being gutted every few minutes. Lots of bad stuff happens to Leonardo, almost to the point of absurdity. That, and the running time, make it a tough watch, but (sorta?) worth it.


If you are an adolescent male who is into comic books and video games and all that crap, “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015) is for you. The fact that I referred to those trappings as “all that crap” identifies me as someone to whom this film did not appeal. I would have been better off watching the original “Mad Max” or perhaps even “The Gauntlet” instead. The coarsening of society is reflected in the coarsening of movie reboots. This is a blood-splatteringly ugly movie with a thin story, enough to keep me vaguely interested, but not enough to truly care.