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Improv comic Paul Reubens spent several years honing a character called Pee Wee Herman, a man-child in a too-tight glen plaid suit. He appeared on Letterman, developed a cult following and was eventually able to parlay the character into a feature-length film that has also become a cult classic. “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” (1985) is an oddball comedy in which Pee Wee engages in elaborate acts of whimsy that eventually pirouette toward punchlines. The jokes are esoteric but the talent behind the scenes (Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Phil Hartman) somehow keeps you caring about one dude’s search for his bicycle.

To understand the Michael Keaton “Batman” movies, you have to understand the context. Our generation was most familiar with Adam West Batman and wasn’t as interested in comic books as today’s geeks. In that context, Michael Keaton’s Batman is truly “dark” and “Batman Returns” (1992) is not all that bad. But does “Batman Returns,” Danny DeVito’s Penguin or Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman stand the test of time? Absolutely not. At this point, this movie only has value to students of Batman movies and geeks who want to say they saw every Batman movie (which might be one in the same person).