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Sometimes Melissa McCarthy is too much of a good thing (get it?) but I was laughing out loud just about all the way through “Spy” (2015). I also sometimes become numb to movies that shower me with a 119-minute fusillade of F-bombs, but listening to McCarthy and Rose Byrne rip each other a new one was almost “Sopranos” worthy. It’s a comic retelling of a Bond-like story, with BMWs, helicopters, poisoned drinks and McCarthy’s schtick. The pacing is good and a strong commitment to both the action (arterial spray) and comic (stool softener) genres balance each other (and McCarthy) nicely.

Love Alec Baldwin’s bloated middle-aged caricature of a pseudo-profound crazy executive on “30 Rock” and fantasize about him as a younger, sexier caricature of a quasi-profound psycopath mobster? Love Demi Moore’s yummy, timeless cougarosity but can’t remember what she looked like as an equally delicious but less-processed, pre-cougar, flawed beauty? Love James Gandolfini in “The Sopranos” and wonder what Tony would have been like as a lower-ranking goodfella working his way up? All those questions are answered in “The Juror,” a halfway-decent 1996 movie about jury tampering that seems like an adaptation of a John Grisham novel, but isn’t. Enjoy.