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“Let It Ride” was a happy little diversion that brought back memories. Of 1989 Hialeah, Fla. (used to live there). Of Richard Dreyfuss (God, he’s always so obnoxious, but you sorta don’t mind – his characters evoke a big-screen version of George Costanza). Of Teri Garr (had a little thing for her, which the lingerie scene rekindled). Of Jennifer Tilly (have a big thing for her) serving as a battlefield upon which her dress and breasts wage war. It’s one of those “day in the life” movies. Dreyfuss, a semi-degenerate horse gambler with colorful friends, is having a very good day.

What if two teenage girls nearly as dense as Forrest Gump also possessed Gumpian powers to alter history? What if their world was the Watergate complex and Nixon White House? What if the girls were played by actresses as good as Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst and the rest of the cast was packed with veteran comedy troupers? There are lots of “parodies” where just one character or one plot element is parodied and everything else is played straight. “Dick” (1999) does the heavy lifting of true parody – it creates an entire, hilariously absurd, alternate universe and makes it work.