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Warning: I’m going to sort-of spoil “Destroyer” (2018) for you. Nicole Kidman uglies herself up to play a burnt-out detective with one last shot to close the case that’s haunted her for 17 years. It felt like “Rush: The Later Years” or a dark take on “Saving Grace.” We keep going back and forth between her ill-fated days undercover and her current attempt to find resolution. I was kind of getting into it, although there’s too much I’ve-been-a-bad-mommy subplot. But the film buries a lie in the back-and-forth to create a plot twist, and I don’t like being lied to.

For most of the movie, it’s hard to watch Jake Gyllenhaal’s depiction of Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman in “Stronger” (2017) because Bauman is such a screw-up. It’s refreshing, because most person-overcomes-adversity movies are so schmaltzy, but it’s still uncomfortable to watch because he’s SUCH a screw-up, as is his whole dysfunctional, working-class Boston family. (It’s like “The Fighter” but more pathetic.) But then Bauman meets the guy who saved him (the guy in the cowboy hat). Turns out the guy gets a chance to save him all over again. Cue the schmaltz. Less refreshing. More comfortable. Not better.