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Why is it I’m so happy “The Commuter” (2018) didn’t suck? Because I was afraid it’d be a lame, Taken-on-a-train knockoff? It kinda was (family in jeopardy, cellphones, ugh), but it also incorporated Hitchcock, “Duel” and every other halfway decent action movie involving trains. And the Noo Yawk accents were good enough. And I’ll overlook small violations of the laws of train physics and the Action Movie Concussion Protocol. Because when everything’s seemingly either a sucky sequel, sucky comic book movie, sucky horror movie, or combination of the above, there’s something nice about a slightly-above-average Liam Neeson movie. Noble, even.

I like Liam Neeson. He’s my taller, Irisher, badassier alter ego. And I like movies where the good guy enjoys violent, sloppy revenge against those who have wronged him (more of that alter ego stuff). Suffice to say I enjoyed “Taken” (2008). Neeson beats up or kills half of France while tracking down his daughter’s kidnappers (insert joke about France surrendering here). There’s the usual spy movie double-crosses and fake identities, but modern technology plays a role too. So much so, you could almost say it’s a commercial for a certain wireless company – almost, because I can’t recall its name.