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“The Witches of Eastwick” (1987) is an ugly little troll of a movie hiding behind a trio of screen hotties (Cher, Pfeiffer, Sarandon). It’s Jack Nicholson at his worst. He’s a sweet-talking stranger who rolls into town and starts sweeping women off their feet (hijinks ensue). It’s not hard to figure out the secret he’s hiding. It’s also not hard to imagine this being a cinematic parody of Nicholson’s actual, real-life romantic relationships. I mean, the dude is gross looking, but he’s talented and rich and can seemingly get laid whenever he wants. I sympathized with all the on-screen vomiting.

One of the themes of “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” (2010) is that time is more precious than money. It makes me wonder, then, why filmmaker Oliver Stone fritters away 133 minutes while creating no suspense whatsoever. Even a motorcycle race between lead characters goes nowhere. Why? Granted, this film is about the 2008 world financial meltdown, so we kinda know how the story goes. Still, Stone could have added subplots with more intensity than a boring love story and a boringer lesson in Macroeconomics 101. Instead, he’s too busy trying to humanize Gordon Gekko, an all-time great villain. Why?

She’s a brilliant aerospace engineer who’s also a cougar, sort of a brainy British Susan Sarandon. She gets involved with a 20-something from Algeria. Did I mention he’s Muslim? Did I mention she works on defense projects? You don’t need to be an engineer to do the kind of math that’s going on in “Flying Blind” (2013). So, is this dude a terrorist or are we just paranoid bigots? Is there even a shred of romance to their relationship or is she just a slut? Is everything as black and white as these questions? Or grey as the Bristol sky?