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“Little Miss Sunshine” (2006) is a very weird movie. Funny, but weird. Taken out of context, it is like trying to explain a fart joke to your grandmother. Let’s see… there’s a foul-mouthed, drug-addicted grandpa who is working on a “secret routine” with his granddaughter in the basement, a suicidal homosexual college professor, and a teenage boy who hates everyone and refuses to speak. There are other characters, but you get the point. Oh, did I mention they drive several hours with grandpa’s dead body stuffed in the back of a VW microbus? Funny! Some things are better left unexplained.

You’re a middle-aged couple with kids, circa 2010. Sleep deprived, overscheduled, striving, always striving, to keep up with whatever. You make time for each other because you know you’re supposed to. You drag your tired asses to T.G. O’Tuesday’s and pretend you’re having a date, but you’re really conducting a dinner meeting to plan the rest of your go-through-the-motions week/month/life. But then there are some funny, exciting, unexpected moments that make it all seem worthwhile. If that’s the case, you’re either the stars of the predictable-yet-entertaining “Date Night,” or you’re the people who are going to rent it this weekend.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” (2011) is a treatise about never giving up on your perceived soulmate (in real life, that kinda stuff results in restraining orders). It doesn’t make you think too much (unless you want to). It’s stupid, funny and uneven, yet it’s also a nice movie that made me feel happy. There’s something to be said for that. The plot is a Shakespearean knot of interconnected relationships. The music was nice. I would probably pay to watch Julianne Moore and/or Emma Stone spend two hours checking their email. Steve Carell plays himself (he usually does). Ryan Gosling seems nice.