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Kudos to Alicia Silverstone of “The Crush” for wedging a rare, female-senior May-December romance into a really weird movie. “Last Survivors” (2022) starts out as a typical, post-apocalyptic action flick. Then, after a brief visit to the Twilight Zone and boudoir, it becomes a typical woman-in-danger flick, complete with incompetent cops and big misunderstandings. All because some crazy dad decided to take young Tom Brady into the woods and turn him into Alaska Tarzan. Silverstone is also crazy, and also dealing with some family drama by not dealing with some family drama, but not in a homicidal sort of way.

Remember that great film with the undercover cop and the huge plot twist? Remember how you hadn’t seen the movie, but your buddy had, so he launched into an excruciatingly boring synopsis that completely ruined it? “Confession” (2022) is that. The synopsis, not the movie. Bleeding man walks into a Boston church and commences talking. The priest joins in. So does a bleeding woman. There’s guns, talking, hidden agendas and obfuscation, and more talking. About fatherhood, priesthood, vengeance, duty, dirty cops, crime syndicates – everything but the Sawks. And then a moronically convoluted plot twist. Your buddy’s a really bad explainer.