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Sometimes Melissa McCarthy is too much of a good thing (get it?) but I was laughing out loud just about all the way through “Spy” (2015). I also sometimes become numb to movies that shower me with a 119-minute fusillade of F-bombs, but listening to McCarthy and Rose Byrne rip each other a new one was almost “Sopranos” worthy. It’s a comic retelling of a Bond-like story, with BMWs, helicopters, poisoned drinks and McCarthy’s schtick. The pacing is good and a strong commitment to both the action (arterial spray) and comic (stool softener) genres balance each other (and McCarthy) nicely.

“A Most Wanted Man” (2014) is a pretty good spy movie that all of a sudden becomes a really good spy movie – which is exactly how really good spy movies are supposed to happen. It takes place in Germany, and the main characters are Germans, but they’re played by American actors speaking English with German accents (don’t worry – it all works somehow). Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a spy who’s seen it all. Rachel McAdams plays a lawyer who’s in over her head. The city of Hamburg plays a supporting role and reminds us American moviewatchers just how different Europe looks.

I like Liam Neeson. He’s my taller, Irisher, badassier alter ego. And I like movies where the good guy enjoys violent, sloppy revenge against those who have wronged him (more of that alter ego stuff). Suffice to say I enjoyed “Taken” (2008). Neeson beats up or kills half of France while tracking down his daughter’s kidnappers (insert joke about France surrendering here). There’s the usual spy movie double-crosses and fake identities, but modern technology plays a role too. So much so, you could almost say it’s a commercial for a certain wireless company – almost, because I can’t recall its name.