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If “Intersection” had been made in 2014 instead of 1994, it would have been called “White People Problems.” Handsome, successful architect (Richard Gere) struggles to reconcile empty marriage to beautiful, successful socialite (Sharon Stone) and complicated affair with beautiful, successful journalist (Lolita Davidovich). Don’t you just hate when that happens? Privilege plus angst equals meh. Anyway, the whole thing is gorgeous to look at (especially Ms. Davidovich) but totally devoid of depth. Which pretty much sums up Gere’s career in a nutshell. Which is why this movie holds some importance. This, not “Pretty Woman,” is the definitive Richard Gere film.


Gotta say one thing about Chazz Palminteri, he plays a heckuva well-dressed psychotic a-hole. What made him a terrible spokesman for Vanilla Coke makes him the perfect choice for antagonist in “Diabolique,” a 1996 remake of a 1955 French film. Enjoy the film noir double crosses and a love triangle that includes Sharon Stone and Isabelle Adjani. Stone reallllly gets into the film noir thing – all lipstick, cigarettes and red nail polish. My general dislike for Palminteri had me hoping Stone and Adjani would get away with murder and then have a hot makeout scene. My wish was partially granted.

Most people like happy endings. Me? I’d just like any kind of ending. Which is what makes “Broken Flowers” (2005) unsatisfying. Other than that, it’s relatively funny. Bill Murray does his usual schtick. He’s a reclusive millionaire who visits a bunch of women he slept with years ago, trying to figure out if he had a son with any of them. Sharon Stone is enjoyable as a Nascar-widowed, wine-swilling, trashy single mom. Her teenage daughter’s full-frontal jailbate scene had me rushing to to see how old she was in real life… 21… whew, now I don’t feel so creepy.