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Everything tends to sound better with a British accent. Even romantic comedies. If you look too closely, you’ll see that “Man Up” (2015) follows every predictable twist and turn on the road to Screwball Romcom City like a Google map. Meet cute, check. Someone’s keeping something from somebody, check. The break up, check. Big speeches at the end, check. But you don’t look too closely because – ohmygod, cool accents! And Simon Pegg sprinkles in some of his comic deviancy. And Lake Bell brings that exasperated-by-life, Gen Xer Lakebellicosity that makes her so uniquely enjoyable. And even she has an accent!

As much as I loved Nicolas Cage in his weirder-than-weird “Willy’s Wonderland,” it was just too much of a struggle to love the even weirder “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” (2022). Cage is a strange dude in real life (ask the IRS) who apparently isn’t afraid to parody himself and his film roles, which “Massive Talent” accomplishes to pull off this Escher drawing of a movie-inside-a-movie-about-a-movie. A trip to Spain for a quick buck and a script-reading takes an awkward turn toward guns-blazing hijinks. Cage is sooo uncomfortably strange, it’s hard to see where reality ends and parody begins.