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When “Scanners” debuted in 1981, it was quite the talk of the schoolyard. “My big brother’s girlfriend’s cousin went to a midnight showing! A guy’s head really blows up! This girl at the theater ran out screaming!” Lord knows my mom would never let me see a weirdo Canadian horror film like that. When I finally viewed it decades later, I wish I’d seen it when I was 15. Corporate-weaponized mind readers (who somehow never know when someone’s sneaking up on them) trying to blow each other’s brains out (so to speak) required a little too much suspension of disbelief.

Is mankind worth saving? It’s one of the many profound things you’ll have time to ponder during “Voyagers” (2021), a slow-paced, space-based reenactment of “Lord of the Flies.” With their home succumbing to climate change, earthlings plan an 86-year mission to the nearest inhabitable planet. The eerily quiet spaceship is populated with test-tube babies turned twentysomethings who’ll need to produce two successive generations and won’t live to see touchdown. Colin Farrell plays their astronaut guidance counselor until the kids (finally) start getting a little fidgety and arise from their chemically assisted calm. Hormonal hijinks ensue, hitting all the predictable notes.

“The Fifth Element” is a satisfying 1997 save-the-world, sci-fi movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Well, except for a peacenik moment at the end, which briefly takes itself waaaay too seriously. Bruce Willis plays the usual – a wisecracking lug with a heart of gold and fists of fury. Gary Oldman plays the villain, the evil offspring of Adolf Hitler and Mr. Rogers. Tiny Lister is HNIC (nuff said). Chris Tucker is a flamboyantly androgynous radio announcer (aren’t they all?) and Milla Jovovich is a supreme being with a supremely small wardrobe. There’s also a Luke Perry sighting (don’t blink).