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There’s so much I want to say about “While You Were Sleeping (1995), I don’t know where to start. When I finally saw it, 19 years after it came out, it was a revelation. A romantic comedy where you don’t have to cut off your balls (spoiler alert) in order to enjoy it. Sandra Bullock does the vulnerable thing so well, you wonder where it comes from (Then you see how she is today, and you know.). My first wife had such a crush on Bill Pullman. After seeing him here, I now know what she saw (briefly) in me.


This may be the only time anyone ever says this, but thank God for Fisher Stevens. About halfway through “When the Party’s Over,” Stevens enters playing an artsy, groovy, perpetually positive Angeleno and rescues this 1993 movie. “Rescues” might be stretching it. He takes a snoozer full of unlikeable twentysomethings coping with their sudden realization of adulthood and turns it into a mere yawner. Sandra Bullock eventually falls for him, so we get to see more of her and less of Rae Dawn Chong and the rest of a forgettable, cliched ensemble spewing overwrought, pretentious lines. Get over yourselves already.

I rented “The Blind Side” (2009) one night and cried like a sissyboy for 128 minutes. (I knew I was going to. I once cried during a documentary on Ernie Davis.) The movie is emotionally manipulative, you already know how it turns out and I am sure the truth was stretched for dramatic effect. It is what it is. But it’s also an inspiring story (Sandra Bullock’s rich white family “adopts” kid from ghetto. Everyone is the better for it.) and the engrossing performances have you rooting for Michael Oher to overcome everything you already know he’s going to overcome.