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Sometimes Melissa McCarthy is too much of a good thing (get it?) but I was laughing out loud just about all the way through “Spy” (2015). I also sometimes become numb to movies that shower me with a 119-minute fusillade of F-bombs, but listening to McCarthy and Rose Byrne rip each other a new one was almost “Sopranos” worthy. It’s a comic retelling of a Bond-like story, with BMWs, helicopters, poisoned drinks and McCarthy’s schtick. The pacing is good and a strong commitment to both the action (arterial spray) and comic (stool softener) genres balance each other (and McCarthy) nicely.

I keep trying to figure out what it is I don’t like about Seth Rogen’s movies, so I keep watching them. In “Neighbors” (2014), he’s part of a young married couple with a baby, coming to grips with the transition to responsibility/parenthood/adulthood. Meanwhile, a bacchanalian fraternity moves in next door. Hijinks ensue. There are laugh-out-loud funny moments, and I do enjoy the quick-quip dialog in Rogen’s films. But there is also way too much f-bombing, potsmoking and homophobic physical comedy. Enough with the penises. Talk about overselling a joke. Which is exactly what I don’t like about Seth Rogen’s movies.