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Whenever I’m watching a movie like “Beirut” (2018), where nobody changes clothes for days and the sun is beating down, I’m thinking how bad I’d be smelling and how much I’d want to take a shower. But I also pay attention to the plot, because it’s like a big game of poker where the winner is always the person who doesn’t give a shit the most. If I were Jon Hamm, I’d be pretty happy at my transition away from TV (and far away from “Million Dollar Arm”) to a starring role in a major espionage thriller alongside Rosamund Pike.

It’s rare that a movie can seem to be moving too quickly, but that’s how the beginning of “A United Kingdom” (2017) felt, almost like a montage. However, the story of the biracial love affair that ultimately gave birth to the nation of Botswana would have been at least three hours long if it had followed the typical pace of movies involving Africa, a love story, and lots of people in period garb with British accents. So there’s that. Otherwise, it’s an interesting film, not spectacular, less an artistic achievement than a pleasant trip across a forgotten page of history.

Marvel Comics? Tom Cruise doesn’t need no fucking Marvel Comics! He’s gonna be his own superhero! No costume. No botox. No special effects. This isn’t “Mission: Impossible.” It’s “Jack Reacher” (2012), and Jack Reacher’s gonna kick ass. He’s gonna stand for what’s right and beat the crap out of people. He’s gonna make Chuck Norris look like a puss. Rosamund Pike, his sidekick, is gonna start out like Kathleen Turner and turn into a cleavagey Jenna Elfman halfway through. Oh yeah! And Robert Duvall’s gonna show up for no apparent reason, and he’s gonna kick ass, too. Got that? Good!