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Unpredictability is a key element of humor. Part of the problem with comedy sequels is that you know most of the jokes already. “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (1999) is like listening to a greatest hits album. It’s well crafted and true to the first installment of the spy-sendup franchise, but that’s also the problem. You want some new stuff, too. And that’s another problem. Heather Graham is great as Austin’s American counterpart but the Fat Bastard and Mini Me characters are so creepy and get so many scenes, it makes the whole thing predictable AND kinda gross.

Maybe sometimes you just want to watch some weird-ass shit. If that’s the case, “Beautiful & Twisted” (2015) is the weird-ass shit for you. Paz Vega’s black widow character is mesmerizingly, frighteningly sexy, like a Latina Teri Hatcher with a gun pointed at your nutsack. Rob Lowe seems like he’s playing a reject from one of his DirecTV commercials (“Hi, I’m Rob Lowe!” “And I’m super kinky, coked-out zillionaire Rob Lowe!”). It’s based on a true story, which would be totally unbelievable, except it takes place in Miami, the weird-ass shit capital of the world, which makes it totally believable.


A middle-aged couple looking to spice things up makes a “Sex Tape” (2014), gets careless, hijinks ensue, they learn a valuable lesson about themselves, blah blah blah, the end. Hope that didn’t ruin it for you. If it did, watching the trailer reallllly ruins it. Actually, watching the trailer (which contains most of the funniest lines) and skipping the movie wouldn’t have been a bad idea for most people. However, I do like Jason Segel’s comic delivery and I’m enjoying more and more the post-modern approach Cameron Diaz is taking to her roles. But too coarse and too much slapstick.