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A movie can be so stupid, so perfectly, perfectly stupid, that its perfect stupidity becomes its own art form, thus making the movie – well, not good, but at least mediocre. “Fantasy Island” (2020) is such a stupid movie. It’s an inspired idea to turn a 1970s TV confection into a horror movie. Fantasies manifest our most basic desires, which do not always involve hijinks with Ricardo Montalban and Barbi Benton (sometimes, not always). Here, a darker side is explored, but the modern horror cliches of skittering apparitions, zombie henchmen and oozing, black eye juice made me roll my (juiceless) eyes.

Some people treat “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (1982) like it’s some work of literature. Arguably, it’s the best “Trek” film that features the original TV cast, but only because guest star Ricardo Montalban, his heavy metal hair and his fake pecs are so awesome (and Kirstie Alley plays a Vulcan!). Otherwise, it’s a glorified TV movie with bad special effects, William Shatner’s heavy-handed acting, and a very special, TV-movie, heavy-handed moral lesson (needs of the many, needs of the few, blah, blah blah). It authentically captures the essence of the TV show, for better and for worse.