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Wow, positive thinking really does work. A woman, getting dumped on from all directions, finds her husband in flagrante delicto and absurdly dark comic hijinks ensue in “Breaking News in Yuba County” (2021). It’s not Shakespeare, but if “A Comedy of Errors” met “Hamlet” in small-town Kentucky… maybe not, but there’s definitely a full-on competition between cases of mistaken identity and cases of homicide. Allison Janney convincingly connives atop an ensemble of bad daughters (Awkafina), bad cops (Regina Hall) and bad sisters (Mila Kunis). If you think almost all the characters are annoying – I know I did – just be patient.

“About Last Night” (2014) is an Afrocentrically ensembled reboot of a 1986 relationships movie that was part chick flick and part dude flick (even though we all know that any movie that is even 1 percent chick flick is all chick flick). This one attempts the same strategy. But let’s talk about its de facto star, Kevin Hart. I sense he knows a little Kevin Hart goes a long way (ha, ha, get it – he’s short). He’s impressively able to dial back his schtick just enough to not get on your nerves. He makes this extremely average movie worth watching.