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The nascent Redbox production studio has helped finance some crappy movies, but they may have grabbed hold of something with “Becky” (2020). By traditional standards, it’s still bad. But bad in a low-budget, grindhousey sort of way, and fun for the whole family (provided the whole family likes gore). A teen girl, still mourning the loss of her mother, is brought to her old house for a weekend getaway. Some Nazis led by Kevin James (seriously) join the party and slasher hijinks ensue, but with a girl-power twist. Some of the violence is so over-the-top gross, it’s laughable. Or cringeable.

I once wrote a novel about a sarcastic person whom everyone took seriously. Thus, the sarcastic person ended up having to play out a lie they never meant to tell. Now, if someone told you Redbox was joining the original content game along with Netflix and Amazon Prime, you’d think that someone was sarcastic. What if that someone was Redbox and you actually believed them, so they had to hire Bob Saget to make a godawful film about an intervention where the interveners are more messed up than the intervened? It’s called “Benjamin” (2019) and it’s worse than my novel.

The core audience for “American Ultra” (2015) is 20-year-old gamer types, not 50-year-old stay-at-home-on-a-Friday-night types. I get that. It was a wise move, since the gamers paid $10 to watch it in a theater, while I paid 60 cents to rent it from Redbox (and stay at home on a Friday night). So the fact I thought the violence was waaay too cartoonishly bloody means little. The fact I thought said violence put a damper on the ingeniously compelling story of a sleeper-cell stoner means little. I’m sure the gamers ate it up. My reward? Friday night with Connie Britton.