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A Vietnam-era PTSD victim drifts into a small town, the cops pull a “vet lives matter” on him and all hell breaks loose. Voila! Sylvester Stallone has a second franchise. “First Blood” (1982) is a landmark in macho film history, opening a door that guys like Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal walked through (after they closed it back shut so they could kick it down or blow it up). It’s so macho, David Caruso plays a wimpy guy. Hell, it’s so macho, testosterone-spouting Richard Crenna doesn’t need to show up in his Green Beret outfit until we’re 45 minutes in.

“Point Blank” (1998) is a terrible movie (shit… still have 93 words to go). Uh, well, OK, I planned to watch “Point Break,” a bad surfing/crime drama with Val Kilmer, but I mixed up the titles. Instead, I get Mickey Rourke, all roided and botoxed, and a prison break gone wrong. Mickey’s a second-rate Rambo trying to rescue his brother, one of the breakees (“Point Break” might have actually been a good title for this one, too.). Anyway, I got bored and started writing this review. I’ll let you know how it ends if I have any words left (oops).