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Artistically, Prince’s semi-autobiographical “Purple Rain” (1984) isn’t any worse than Eminem’s hometown-kid-gets-his-break film “Eight Mile” and the music is far superior, even if some of Prince’s performances are head-scratchingly weird. Speaking of which, the eye shadow, studded jackets, teased hair and pirate shirts kinda weirded me out when I was a 1980s high schooler and I don’t think it’s gotten any different with age. But who cares what I think about fashion? This is a 111-minute music video designed to appeal to Prince devotees and sell records (for Prince, Apollonia, The Time, etc.). It did a good job of it.

There’s a thing about comic geniuses. Once they get their official Comic Genius Certification, they start making sucky movies, because nobody can tell them “no” anymore. Kind of like how Prince keeps saying he has thousands of songs recorded in his studio vault, but he’s been putting out crap for 25 years. Anyway, Mike Myers is a comic genius. And long before he became “The Love Guru,” he made a little comedy called “So I Married an Axe Murderer” (1993) which is dark, hilarious and stars Myers in two different roles. It will immediately make your list of “cult favorites.”