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I’m not a big fan of cartoon violence. If you’re going to be violent, shoot the guy in the head, don’t dump him in a garbage can. The cartoon violence in “Crocodile Dundee” was tolerable because the film was somewhat of a novelty. That’s much less the case in “Crocodile Dundee II,” because there’s more garbage and less novelty. Thankfully, the movie shifts from Manhattan back to Australia, where it catches a bit of a second wind, although the drug cartel, damsel-in-distress plot is cliché for 1988. I waited almost 30 years before I ever saw it. So can you.

Is it acting if you go through an entire movie without saying anything? (Oh yeah, silent movies – I forgot.) Cuba Gooding Jr. plays a mute in “Lightning Jack,” a 1994 western starring Paul Hogan. Hogan also wrote the script, which explains why a gunslinging Crocodile Dundee has a mute sidekick – more lines for Hogan. The plot is actually kind of interesting, and Gooding does well given the restrictions on his character. Hogan, however, loves himself too much to play a murderous bank robber, so he sprinkles in just enough wincingly self-deprecating slapstick to make himself (but not me) feel better.