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Back before social media and reality television, there were still parts of America that most of us had little or no understanding of, like the Amish communities in Pennsylvania. With that as the setting, a Philadelphia cop is a stranger in his own country in “Witness” (1985). After “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” and “Blade Runner,” this was Harrison Ford’s first big success starring in a non-fantasy film. It’s a sturdy reworking of the old good-cops-versus-bad-cops story, made more interesting by the Amish angle featuring romantic friction between Ford and Kelly McGillis. (Keep an eye out for a Viggo Mortensen sighting.)

A movie like “City by the Sea” (2002) makes you wonder whether there’s such a thing as free will. Some people are born into a shitstorm. Others have it thrust upon them. Some escape it and create a new life, only to have the shitstorm come roaring back when they least expect it. How you deal with things are your choice, but your choices are often so limited by circumstance that they aren’t choices at all. This is a gritty, gripping cop movie and human drama inside a hollowed-out skeleton of Long Beach, N.Y., that can’t help but whisper “Detroit.”