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Is it possible to give an over-the-top performance when your character is a male model? What about a fashion designer? Or a talent agent? There’s so much scenery chewing going on in “Zoolander” (2001) you almost become numb to it and actually pay attention to the plot. Almost. To say it’s stupid is to say grass is green. But, you ask, what about crabgrass? It’s brownish. And what about that weird albino grass that grows under the kiddie pool when you leave it in the front yard for too long? To that, I say “Zoolander” is right up your alley.


“Night at the Museum” (2006) is a perfectly harmless, somewhat entertaining movie that promotes father-son bonding, history appreciation, museums and reading. Ben Stiller stars as the museum night watchman who learns that history really can come alive. For some reason, Stiller carries an aura of unlikeability in many of his movies, and this is one of them. It’s too bad, because supporting characters Robin Williams (Teddy Roosevelt) and Owen Wilson (cowboy) are a lot of fun. It’s a kids/families movie, so there’s lots of physical humor and some ham-fisted jokes that make you groan. But like I said, it’s harmless.


Watching “Hall Pass” (a funny-yet-disposable 2011 R-rated comedy about two suburban dads who get a week “off” from being married), it struck me how many movies target Generation X. For such a small and perennially shit-upon demographic, this age cohort has dominated a particular genre of comedy for going on 30 years. You start with the “Sixteen Candles” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” bunch. Take a few years off, characters get older, and “There’s Something About Mary,” then “Wedding Crashers,” etc. They are basically comedies, but have both a gross-out aspect and a romantic aspect (and have gotten increasingly edgier).