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As a drunken Irishman, I totally agree with the theory that God looks after drunks and Irishmen. Having watched “Army of One” (2016), I believe the definition of “drunk” may be broad enough to include Colorado stoners. Nicholas Cage devours scenery as a samurai Lebowski on a quest to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. Hijinks ensue while somehow also giving birth to a working-class rom-com. If that seems like too much, just imagine your last conversation with that scatterbrained guy you know, the one who talks really fast to keep up with his thoughts. This movie is that conversation.

Despite its cult popularity, it took more than a decade before I saw “Fight Club.” I somewhat enjoyed it, but the delay meant two things: I already knew the spoiler (Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are the same person with a split personality – sorry) and I had a decade’s worth of historical perspective. Thus, two other things are obvious: Osama Bin Laden borrowed his Sept. 11, 2001, plot from this 1999 movie’s climax (buildings housing worldwide financial information are blown up) and (in perhaps an even worse development for society) Tyler Durden is responsible for the mixed martial arts fad.