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Technically speaking, I shouldn’t review “The Program.” After all, I was in the movie. (What? You didn’t see me in the upper deck during the Georgia Tech or Mississippi State games? Look again. This time don’t blink.) In my humble opinion, it’s the finest movie ever made. No? How about best sports movie ever? Best football movie? Of 1993? Best movie that I am in? (FYI – I’m also in “Spring Break.”) Seriously though, it’s an even-handed though cliche-heavy look at big-time college football circa 1993. Omar Epps is good. James Caan is surprisingly nuanced as a morally conflicted head coach.

There was a Major League Baseball strike in 1994. “Major League II” also came out that year. The movie did more damage to baseball (and society, for that matter) than the strike. Charlie Sheen’s character rips off an old sitcom cliché by becoming an a-hole once he gets famous (his brother Emilio Estevez does the exact same thing in “D2: The Mighty Ducks” that same year [but hockey already sucks, so its societal damage was limited]). It hurts to watch Dennis Haysbert and Omar Epps do the Hollywood shuffle (they are probably burning copies of this movie as we speak).