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I was expecting a typical biopic, but “Get on Up” (2014) is so much more entertaining, so much more creative. Is it lazy to say the movie matches the man? James Brown, because of the sloppy last years of his life, has been reduced to that of an entertainment industry cartoon character (I know. As a TV newsman, I once stalked him in a driveway as he was bused into Broad River Correctional Institution). But he was a musical genius and an innovator on and off the stage. No, it’s not lazy to say this quirky film does him justice.

“Fruitvale Station” (2013) is based on a true story about a police shooting. I don’t know how much is based and how much is true. That may matter from a political standpoint, but not from a cinematic standpoint. On its own, it’s a film well worth seeing. I don’t like to use reviewer cliches, but edgy and spellbinding come to mind as I think about this day-in-the-life story. It’s ultimately a sad day in a sad life, and we kinda know from the beginning where things are headed, but we go along, not out of voyeurism, but to bear witness.