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I’m not a big fan of zombie movies, but if I had to recommend one, it would be “Shaun of the Dead” (2004). I mean, it figured out a way to combine a bro-com, a rom-com and a zombie movie in one package. Simon Pegg deserves some kind of credit for that. This is his first of three offbeat comedies in which he teams with co-writer/director Edgar Wright and co-star Nick Frost (“Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End” are the others). They’ve attained somewhat of a cult classic status – this one moreso than the other two. All are worth watching.

Do you enjoy heartwarming stories in which a ragtag misfit (or band of misfits) overcomes adversity to achieve their dream? You say you’ve seen 100 of them by now? Well, welcome to 101. Like most things WWE, “Fighting With My Family” (2019) is first and foremost a promotion for the wrestling conglomerate. But all the necessary cliche elements are there. Relative unknown Florence Pugh plays the misfit, an English girl who aspires to stardom. There’s a stern coach, a kindly mentor, family strife, a crisis of confidence, workout montages set to music, blah, blah, blah. You’ll love it. Or not.

When I first saw “Hot Fuzz” (2007) on DVD, it was around the same time the unwanted “Vacation” reboot was in theaters (and incessantly subjecting me to an unfunny commercial where the family is swimming in poop). What a difference. Comedy is not dead. “Hot Fuzz” is cleverly funny and has a plot. It has peepee jokes and has a plot. It has cartoon violence and has a plot. It name checks other movies and has a plot. The plot? It’s a simple cross between a buddy cop movie and an episode of “Scooby Doo.” But. It. Has. A. Plot.