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A pair of second-rate Chicago lounge singers witness a mob murder and hide out as drag queens in West Hollywood. Hijinks ensue. “Connie and Carla” (2004) is pretty much that simple but it actually isn’t half bad. I always enjoy Nia Vardalos doing her vulnerable, star-crossed thing. A lot of the acting is schticky, but drag queens can get away with it. David Duchovny looks completely uncomfortable throughout as a drag queen’s straight brother (It’s either brilliant acting or a case of “why am I in this movie?”). Unfortunately, the plot completely derails into a sloppy mess of an ending.

I really love movies and really love this blog. If I don’t enjoy the movie, I can still get some mileage out of it by skewering it here. If I like the movie, well, it’s like getting surprised with an awesome gift that you never knew you wanted until you received it and now you love it. Example: “For a Good Time, Call…” (2012). They took a romantic comedy boilerplate with phone sex as a plot device and made a movie about – friendship. Seriously. A movie about friendship with dialogue and performances so funny, it had me laughing out loud.