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It was hard to review “Draft Day” (2014). I don’t even know what it was supposed to be. A two-hour infomercial for the official car, truck, pizza, cellphone and television network(s) of the NFL? An NFL propaganda piece to overdramatize the annual college player draft so that it becomes completely untethered to reality? A star vehicle to prove that Kevin Costner can still bang actresses half his age? This movie is so preposterous, so implausible, so convoluted, so overwrought, so overacted, it became slightly entertaining. Like a car wreck. But with clown cars. Full of football players. And Jennifer Garner.

Nobody wants to admit it today, but around 1991, the mullet hairstyle was popular with pretty much everybody, not just white trash. And nobody sported a longer, bleached-blondier mullet than Brian Bosworth, the college football star and NFL has-been. He made his debut in the cliche action B movie “Stone Cold” as a cop who plays by his own set of rules. He infiltrates a biker gang and lots of things blow up. His movie career did not. He is still seen in various B movies and reality shows today, sans mullet. But we still remember that mullet. We remember.