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I’m not a big fan of movies in which a bunch of losers do what they do best. “American Heart” (1992) is one of those movies. It’s a cross between “My Own Private Idaho” and “Of Mice and Men,” which makes it depressing squared. It mainly seems to be a vehicle for Jeff Bridges to show off his biceps, as well as his ability to grow an amazing mustache and ponytail while chain-smoking all the cigarettes in the greater Seattle area. Edward Furlong plays the kid, because he always does. The ending is ridiculous, as is Tom Waits’ musical accompaniment.

A modern-day Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn run away from home and into a Colorado version of the opening to “Goodfellas” in “Cop Car” (2015). The best way to describe the movie would be “oddly fascinating.” Kevin Bacon’s Rocky Mountain copstache sure is. The first half of the movie almost seems like it ought to be nominated for Best Short Film. It’s like the end of “My Own Private Idaho,” except it’s not in Idaho. And it doesn’t suck. Then the fun starts. And by fun, I mean, “not fun.” At least not for Tom and Huck. Lesson: don’t steal.