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As much as I loved Nicolas Cage in his weirder-than-weird “Willy’s Wonderland,” it was just too much of a struggle to love the even weirder “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” (2022). Cage is a strange dude in real life (ask the IRS) who apparently isn’t afraid to parody himself and his film roles, which “Massive Talent” accomplishes to pull off this Escher drawing of a movie-inside-a-movie-about-a-movie. A trip to Spain for a quick buck and a script-reading takes an awkward turn toward guns-blazing hijinks. Cage is sooo uncomfortably strange, it’s hard to see where reality ends and parody begins.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to Chris Tucker. Then I realize that he was just a prototype that got mothballed when the smaller, more powerful Kevin Hart was released. Tucker’s career is pretty much defined by “Rush Hour” (1998), a standard, 1990s buddy-cop action flick. He’s in full Hollywood Shuffle mode playing a motormouthed Eddie Murphy for a cheap rip-off of “Beverly Hills Cop.” There are typical international crime hijinks and even a heavyset nemesis detective with a handlebar mustache. Fortunately, layered on top of that mediocrity is Jackie Chan’s incredibly choreographed fight scenes. It’s worth seeing just for those.

I vaguely recall a lousy sitcom plot years ago where a dude stages an event that puts a woman in danger so he can save her, and therefore win her heart. Little did I know in 2022 someone would try to twist that concept into an action flick. Who needs couples counseling when you can rescue your abducted wife? “Last Seen Alive” finds a fractious couple near the end of a long car trip when missing persons hijinks ensue. Grumpy real estate developer Gerard Butler turns into Liam Neeson, except his special skills don’t include avoiding an absolutely ridiculous conclusion.