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The whole time I’m watching “Vanquish” (2021), I thinking to myself, “isn’t Vanquish some kind of cold medicine or something?” Afterwards, Google confirmed it’s a medicine, but for headaches, which would be ironic if the film had made my head hurt. However, I pretty much could tell an action film with plausibility problems starring a crappy model/boxer/actress (Ruby Rose) as an elite hitwoman/courier/double-crosser with a sick kid doing the bidding of a phoning-it-in (literally!) cop/gangster/paraplegic (Morgan Freeman) with a guilt complex was going to suck, so it made me more sleepy than migrainey. Maybe they should have titled it “Sunosi.”

I’m old enough to have seen the original “Going in Style” in the early 1980s, back when Hollywood movies would show up on network TV a year later. The original old-men-rob-a-bank flick, with George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg, was more poignant. The 2017 remake, with Alan Arkin, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, is more polished for a modern audience. They’re both good. As usual, Arkin inhabits his grumpy-old-man character like none other. I wanted someone to explain to me why Caine, with his English accent, worked in a Queens (New York, not THE queen) steel mill for 30 years.

Remember when we used to debate who was the better Batman? Clooney? Keaton? Ummm, Kilmer? And then, in 2005, came the Dark Knight trilogy, with “Batman Begins.” Bankable, big-name stars can make for good box office, but it’s the story that makes for a great movie. When Christopher Nolan rebooted the Caped Crusader, he made the story less like the cartoonish 1960s TV series and more like the brooding comic books. And he surrounded a relative B-lister, Christian Bale, with stellar cast of character actors. Because if the story’s good enough, Batman is the only bankable big name you need.