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It’s fair to say “Best in Show” (2000) helped breathe new life into the mockumentary, as well as the repertory led by Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy (which lives on to this day – thanks “Schitt’s Creek”). This behind-the-scenes look at dog shows also serves as a bridge that helped introduce audiences to newer ensemble comedians such as Jennifer Coolidge and John Michael Higgins. Theirs and other characters (Catherine O’Hara) are inspired in their quirkiness. Fred Willard is hilarious – he seemingly improvs his entire performance as the dog show TV announcer – but as a result probably gets too much screen time.

The film is called “Zelig” (1983) but it also could have been a prequel to “200 Cigarettes” because that’s how many Mia Farrow smokes during this 79-minute movie. Sorry, I needed to get that off my chest. Actually, this pretend documentary about a man who was able to transform himself – physically as well as intellectually – to fit in with his surroundings is pretty fascinating. Woody Allen stars and Farrow is his psychiatrist. The special effects – inserting Allen and Farrow into old photos and newsreel footage – would be simple Photoshop work today, but it was quite an achievement at the time.