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Some people are into unusual flavor combinations, like french fries and ice cream. I once put vanilla soft-serve on a chicken sandwich. Delicious. But what about movies? Do you like a romantic tale of a man haunted by a lost love (who may not be lost after all) dipped in a bloody story of mobster revenge? “Last Moment of Clarity” (2020) hopes you do. It (sort of) works. I especially liked Carly Chaikin (imagine Kat Dennings on heroin, but in a good way) in a supporting role as neither a haunted man, a lost love, or a Russian mafia killer.

“The Drop” (2014) is the story of a man and his dog. And Chechen mobsters. And Brooklyn. And Tony Soprano (except he’s not Tony Soprano). And murders. And money. And a communion that will never be shared. Tom Hardy offers one of the most authentically unplaceable New York accents I’ve ever heard. It’s a beautiful thing. The story is a classic mob double-cross with a twist that reminded me of “The Usual Suspects.” I was, literally, on the edge of my seat for the last 30 minutes. When the final scene faded to black, I smiled. That’s a good movie.