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It starts out sad and gets more depressing from there. Yet there’s something compelling about “The Art of Racing in the Rain” (2019). As hypnotic as a puppy’s gaze, it sinks its teeth into you and will not release until it makes good on its unspoken aim: You will cry. Narrated by Kevin Costner, the golden retriever of American actors, it’s a dogography steeped in mysticism, tracing the life of Enzo from the moment he meets his race-car-driving, chronically unlucky Job of a human until the two take one last, precious, lap around the track. And, perhaps, beyond. Good boy.

My dad likes movies like “Killing Season” (2013). Couple of ex-military guys, out in the woods, trying to kill each other. Macho stuff. Robert DeNiro and John Travolta star in this variation of “The Most Dangerous Game.” The backstory is the Serbian (or Bosnian) war. Travolta has an accent worthy of Count Chocula. The setting is Appalachia. DeNiro attempts a southern accent. Sometimes. There’s lots of action and cool, survivalist-type stuff worthy of Rambo. There’s also one of my pet peeves – a spectacular car wreck in which nobody seems to get hurt. War is hell. Car wrecks, not so much.